Saturday, May 30, 2009

50 Ways To Get Swine Flu Revenge!

With Swine Flu now sweeping the country and making media celebrities of health officials, you're probably asking what you can do if your kid's school or your workplace is placed in a seven day lockdown.

So for the 167 Australians now diagnosed with Swine Flu; students at the six schools which have been closed due to the out break; members of South Morang Aussie Rules footy team or for returning passengers on the "flu ship" Pacific Dawn, we present 50 great ways to get your own back while in quarantine.

The list includes: Bacon flavoured fairy floss, Bacon martinis and Bacon popcorn. If you are especially vindictive there is even a "Make Your Own Bacon" link.

And most importantly, while you're in quarantine breaking out in rashes and getting crackling on the Swine Flu hotline, remember you it not just you, we're all at risk!