Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Must Try Harder to Get Along?

One can only imagine the sage words of advice from teachers and parents at Hurstbridge Primary school in Melbourne's outer north-east after security guards were hired to watch over a grade 1 barbecue and graduation ceremony.

Police were called to the school in Melbourne's north-east after parents allegedly threatened a teacher with physical and verbal assault.

The threats were made by supporters of the former principal, who was forced to stand down while the State Government investigated bullying accusations.

The investigation is still ongoing, and tensions have been mounting as several acting principals have passed through the school's halls and one person has been accused of stalking the former principal.

Hurstbridge’s acting principal said the actions of "a small number" of parents had caused the security guard’s presence at the bbq, and her main concern was for children's well-being.

"I want to stress that this is not about students' behaviour but about the actions of a small number of parents," she said.

Merry Christmas kids!