Monday, July 28, 2008

George Foreman MP3 Grill

Chill Factor 4/5

As if the LCD-TV fridge wasn’t freaky enough, now you can listen to "Bonanza" or "Rawhide" while cooking the snags on this truly amazing George Foreman "MP3-Ready-Grill"!

Thanks to and those crazy innovators at George Foreman for a real BBQ Chill:

"Squint hard!—this grill really has a teeny weeny iPod dock at its base. And a 10-watt speaker!

"MP3 Player Not Included," it says, but if the people on Foreman's product-development team were smart, they'd bundle in a tiny digital-music player that has the sounds of sizzling meat and/or George's motivational speeches preloaded. Just to keep the branding going, you know?”

At Charcool we thought it was just ringing in George’s ears!!

Post and tell us your favourite BBQ song! We're listening to Johnny Waklin's Black Superman on ours!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Brando USB Food

Thrill Factor 4/5

It's pretty obvious that the guys from Ubergizmo spend too much time in front of the computer to have picked up these great memory devices from Hong Kong company Brando.

These 4Gb thumb drives come in Chicken Wing; Drumstick, Pork Rib (pictured), Pizza Slice; Hamburger and 2 types of biscuits.

At US$28 for a novel 4Gb drive they actually don't look like too bad value but don't put them in the Weber!!!

I think I might buy some for my next Charcool competition. Tell me what you think.